Event for university students by Europe Language Jobs – #GoPlaces 2023

14th of August marks the first day of our #GoPlaces2023 event. The aim of the event is to show participants international opportunities and great, expat-friendly European cities where they can develop their careers.

We have prepared 3 weeks’ worth of informative content that we are going to share on our social media channels and via e-mail from 14th till 31st of August.

What have we planned?

  • 20 relocation guides: blogposts including not only city guides, but also information about relocating to and living in 20 European cities (advice on how to get a job, find accommodation, use public transport, plan the budget and immerse into local culture)
  • interviews with people who decided to relocate to a different European country – including their experience, insider stories and tips
  • LinkedIn Lives with CV advice that will help tailor resumes to requirements of each country we will talk about
  • TikTok videos and lives informing about best career development opportunities we offer

In addition, we have partnered with multiple innovative international companies who offer internships and entry-level positions for university students/graduates who are looking for international professional experience.

At the moment #GoPlaces2023 have already attracted 32 thousand people. We are looking forward to see the students of your university on the list!

So – how to sign up for the event?
It is easy, one should subscribe for free here – https://www.europelanguagejobs.com/candidates/go-places. We will confirm the subscription via e-mail and that is it

#GOplaces2023 event by Europe Language Jobs