3D Generalist Graphic Designer|V-Cubes

Ψάχνουμε έναν έμπειρο επαγγελματία να στελεχώσει την ομάδα μας, να ηγηθεί του Τμήματος Σχεδίασης και Γραφιστικής και παράλληλα να βοηθήσει δραστικά το Τμήμα Έρευνας και Ανάπτυξης στη δημιουργία νέων προϊόντων.

Η θέση μπορεί να καλυφθεί με πλήρη ή/και μερική απσχόληση αλλά και με ΤΠΥ.


Managing and designing company’s brand and printing identity and materials:

  • leaflets, brochures, posters, etc.
  • content creation for the company’s projects
  • marketing material
  • illustrations
  • photo editing
  • board games content
  • web content (banners, etc.) for social media
  • product 3D renders
  • 3D Design

New product development:

  • concept design
  • detailed 3d and 2d design
  • 3D models
  • 3D Renders
  • prototyping (3d printing)
  • video creation

Απαραίτητα προσόντα

  • Bachelor’s or Msc degree in Graphic Design or Engineering
  • Professional working knowledge of the full Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premier)
  • Professional knowledge of 3D modeling and Rendering (Rhino, 3DsMax, Vray or similar)
  • Good knowledge of 3d animation and video creation
  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Excellent Knowledge of English and related terminology (writing and speaking)
  • Good knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Creative and communicative personality
  • Agility in writing, reporting, organizing and checking
  • Ability to perform under pressure / multitasking / fast learner
  • Excellent memory and perception / fast calculations / ability to control, train and guide a team
  • Perfectionist / ambitious / hard worker. Never leaving a task-project not finished.
  • Not accepting doing mistakes / good puzzle and problem-solving skills

Επιθυμητά προσόντα

  • Experience in 3d printing
  • Good knowledge of any other foreign language such as German, Spanish of French
  • Master of Science
  • Interest in board games and puzzles
  • Leaving or studying abroad in the past
  • Photo and video shooting experience
  • Logo and illustration-art design

Απολαβές & παροχές

  • Long-term horizon of cooperation
  • Good salary
  • Travels
  • International business
  • Huge experience gains

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Πηγή: https://www.skywalker.gr/elGR/aggelia/ergasias/3D-Generalist-Graphic-Designer/467E5890-837F-190F-43C3-23E961D5D7F2