6 post-Doc positions by Ifremer, field : Oceanography, Environmental Economics, Marine Geoscience

For the year 2023, Ifremer offers 6 post-doctoral contracts, for a period of 36 months, to researchers proposing innovative projects that are consistent with the three main themes below:

  1. The postdoctoral fellowship is only allocated for the candidate’s salary.
  2. The financial requirements linked to the research proposition must be taken from the Departments/Units/Laboratory budget.
  3. The gross salary is around 34200 euros/year, and it could be more important if you have post-doctoral experiences after your PhD

The eligibility conditions are presented below

  • Candidates must not have been previously employed as doctoral or post-doctoral researcher in an Ifremer research unit nor in a joint research unit involving Ifremer. (These joint research units are the following: MARBEC, LEMAR, LOPS, AMURE, BEEP (previously LMEE), LEEISA, IHPE, ENTROPIE, EIO, GEO-OCEAN, DECOD).
  • This call is open to applicants of any nationality who already have a research experience (PhD or post doctoral contracts) outside mainland France (i.e. a research experience in French overseas is eligible).
  • Thesis accreditation must have been obtained less than three years ago (from the starting date of the future post-doctoral contract).

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες / αίτηση : https://en.ifremer.fr/Research-Technology/Scientific-strategy/Join-Ifremer-for-your-Post-Doc