United Nations Careers

Find below the List of Current Vacancies at The United Nations Project Office on Governance (UNPOG) ;


  1. Senior Technical Advisor, D1-D2
  2. Senior Economic Affairs Officer, D1
  3. Transport Planner, P4
  4. Senior Environmental Affairs Officer, D1
  5. Programme Officer, P4
  6. Finance Officer, P4
  7. Research Assistant, P4
  8. Emergency Programme Officer, P4
  9. Senior Public Health Officer, D1

10.Logistics & Administration Officer, P4

11.Social Work Officer, P4

12.Human Resources Officer, P5

13.Associate Procurement Officer, P4

14.Project Director,D1-D2



Specific details of each of the available positions are in the attached.


Details of the Associated Annual net salaries in United States Dollars are as follows:


P1: $87,553.00 – $91,014.00

P2: $98,441.00 – $111,962.00

P3: $117,554.00 – $148,384.00

P4: $151,031.00 – $169,540.00

P5: $171,226.00-  $ 192,569.00

D1: $193,577.00-  $211,248.00

D2: $213,676.00 – $241,995.00


Posting Period for ALL above mentioned openings:  26TH January, 2017 – 24th March,2017


Date needed By: As soon as possible


Duration: Permanent and Full Time


If you are interested and qualified for any of the above listed positions,feel free to apply by:




  1. Send all 2 documents to the CO-ORDINATING OFFICER:


Mr George Flynn,

ePlacement Officer

The United Nations Project Office on Governance (UNPOG)

DC1 25th Floor, Room 2585, One UN Plaza,

New York, NY 10017, USA

Via: recruitment@un-pog.org


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